Tweets from a Cheating Husband.

I don’t Twitter like I used to. Guess I’ve run out of clever one-liners and zingers. Plus, given what’s happened over the last 18 months, I believe my Tweets would be unfit to publish.

Imagine a guy who’s recovering from an affair Twittering what goes through his mind on a typical day.


Another Tweet on this same typical day may include, but is not limited to:


And because Twittering is a day-long affair process, it’s possible, but not guaranteed I would write something like:


On second thought, maybe not.



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3 responses to “Tweets from a Cheating Husband.

  1. misfitmistress

    lol. very smart blog! i enjoyed the the use of “process” over “affair.” on a more personal note- did you ever leave your home right after your wife found out? and do you still sleep in a separate bed or was that just part of your witty writing? of course, those questions are personal so feel free to not answer them!

  2. tvexplorer

    No questions are too personal for me, MM. Feel free to ask me anything.

    I’ve been in the twin-bed for the last few nights, but only because our up-and-down cycle has shifted down again. My wife loves me, then she hates me. Back and forth all the time. Four good days, followed by three bad days. But she hasn’t kicked me out of my house lately. That’s a good thing, I suppose.

    Do you Twitter?

  3. misfitmistress

    no, i dont twitter. i dont know if i want people to know what im up to… not to mention, after my affair ive tried to get away from needing to be a slave of technology. as you read in my blog about a typical week, i was constantly checking my email or checking my phone for texts. after we fell apart that became like PTSD for me. i have a good friend who drove a convoy in Iraq and he says that sometimes just being in his car will make him panic. And while his actions were much more heroic than mine, thats how i feel sometimes when i think about how much i relied on being in the position that R could constantly contact me. Then when he stopped contacting me it was painful because i kept checking that email account, and my phone thinking there would be something there for me. It made me panic enough that i turned off the text message alert on my cell phone and it is still that way to this day. i know that might sound kind of crazy, but old habits are hard to break and that was my way of trying to control my addiction to being in the affair.

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